JC Makes a Difference- 12 Months of Giving 2021! January helps Lutherwood

At JCMortgages.ca we believe in making a positive impact in the world around us. Within JCMortgages.ca we have a charitable extension of our company to help make a difference in our community called JC Makes a Difference. In 2020 we launched our 12 Months of JC Makes a Difference Campaign, where each month a cause/charity is chosen, and we extend the helping hand. In 2021 we want to continue to encourage everyone to be more kind and to make it the year to help others as much as we can, each month for the entire year. 

In January, we are fundraising for: Lutherwood

Lutherwood is a progressive, not-for-profit health and social service organization that strengthens people's lives in our community regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual identity by providing mental health, employment and housing services to more than 19,600 people annually in Waterloo Region and Wellington County.

For more than 50 years, Lutherwood has earned its reputation for improving the quality of life of people in our community.

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13 janvier 2021 22:34 Tammy Krys Lutherwood Child and Family Foundation 10,00 $
13 janvier 2021 10:34 Lindsay Russell Lutherwood Child and Family Foundation 10,00 $
13 janvier 2021 10:28 lorraine leaist Lutherwood Child and Family Foundation 10,00 $