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Jim Tanner's Canadian Cancer Society Fundraiser for TKMC

I am in the process of joining the Templar Knight Motorcycle Club and for my task I would like to raise money for a charity that is very important to me. I would appreciate any amount that you are able and willing to donate to a worthy cause, supporting cancer research through the Canadian Cancer Society. $525 was collected through Facebook fundraising efforts. Drive through Canada Helps will be open until January 15, 2021. Thank you!
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14 janvier 2021 12:31 Marg Crozier CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY 25,00 $
14 janvier 2021 09:11 Jessica Tanner CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY 25,00 $
From Connie Hodgins
9 janvier 2021 12:56 Jessica Tanner CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY 50,00 $
From Allan Bell
21 décembre 2020 19:43 Anonyme CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY 25,00 $