Josephine's Birthday Giving Page

Josephine is a lucky girl.  She is healthy and has all the love and support that she needs to live a carefree life so far.  She knows that not everyone is as lucky as her.

On her 5th birthday, she got really sick after she woke up and had to go to SickKids Hospital emergency room early in the morning. She was scared and sad because it was her birthday and she knew she could not go to daycare to celebrate her birthday with her friends.  The nurses, doctors and volunteers were so nice to her, and even gave her a birthday present after seeing it was her birthday.  We were all very thankful of the care and the thoughtful gift that she received.  So she would like to show her appreciation by giving back to the SickKids Hospital.

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21 juillet 2020 13:43 Mario Chenier SickKids Foundation 50,00 $
2 juillet 2020 20:50 Tanya Cesselli SickKids Foundation 50,00 $
Happy birthday Josephine! Hope you have an awesome day! Your friend Leo Love Ms. Cesselli
1 juillet 2020 22:49 Anonyme SickKids Foundation 50,00 $
Happy birthday Josephine! Love, Charley xo