June Dresses Challenge

Along with a few other amazing women, I am participate in the June Dresses fundraising challenge. Although I am part of a team, I personally chose the LionHeart Foundation as the organization I wish to donate to.

As a mother of 2 young girls it is so important to me to raise confident young women who are secure, strong and happy with themselves as they are. It takes bravery and courage to love yourself and these are 2 key concepts the LionHeart Foundation connects with.

I am paticularily drawn to this orginization because of my youngest daughters anxiety, and my mission is to normalize the treatment and care of mental health in children and youth. I realized in my search to find help for my daughter that there are not nearly enough therapists available, especially to children, and particularly to those under the age of 12. On top of that professional therapy is extremely expensive making it inaccessible for some families. 

The LionHeart Foundation is working towards addressing all these issues, and I look forward to making donations to help them succeed.

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21 juin 2021 12:59 Barbara White Lionheart Foundation 100,00 $
This is good work you are doing and I'm happy to support your June Dresses cause.
11 juin 2021 23:11 Tamara Korassa Lionheart Foundation 50,00 $
9 juin 2021 21:50 Candice Lloy Lionheart Foundation 50,00 $
31 mai 2021 23:40 Sheila Mertz Lionheart Foundation 25,00 $