Hi everyone,

This year I'm ramping up my fundraising efforts for Moorelands Camp and have decided to do my own version of a triathlon... the Kawagamathon!

That’s a BIKE RIDE from the top to the bottom of Kawagama Lake Road – 22 km; a SWIM to Bear Mountain – 6.5 km; and a RUN up Bear Mountain 0.5 km!!!  

Please sponsor me and help support vulnerable Toronto kids who need support this summer through Moorelands Online Camp.

Thank you!

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22 juin 2021 22:20 Glenn Ridler Moorelands Kids 500,00 $
Karin you are one of a kind and truly the kindest and most selfless individuals I have ever met. Thank you for everything you do!
22 juin 2021 06:30 James Moutsos Moorelands Kids 50,00 $
Good luck, enjoy the swim.
22 juin 2021 02:27 Astrid Strehler Moorelands Kids 65,00 $
Wow! A 6.5 km swim. You must be a pretty good swimmer and very fit! 10 $ for every km in the water and good luck! Your Cousin Astrid
21 juin 2021 12:00 Susan LaVerde Moorelands Kids 500,00 $
I'd join you but I would need a motorbike, motorboat, and finally a lift up to Bear Mountain. You are amazing Karin!
20 juin 2021 18:50 Jayne-Ann Chatten Moorelands Kids 50,00 $
14 juin 2021 17:29 Hartford Manning Moorelands Kids 50,00 $
Proud of you!