Life With Boundaries & Blood is life (Help for thalassemia patients in Pakistan)

My three cousins and one sisters’ daughter are thalassemia patients. I use to go with them to different hospitals for receiving blood. One day my cousins father call me to come to the hospital ,that time I was in the university when I reached the hospital thalassemia center I saw more than 30 children’s were waiting for the blood. Most of the patients belongs to poor families and they have no sufficient earing for the purchase of blood.

When I saw the faces of these children I thanks god for the good health. All of them were waiting for the donor because that was the month of Ramadan and in Ramadan most of the Muslims have fastening so that they avoid to donate blood.

I told the doctor check my condition that how much blood can I donate ,because I cannot see in the eyes of that needy people, and need of blood which is life with blood there is nothing. Doctor told me that we cannot take more than 300 ml at once, I told him ok you take 500ml instead of 300ml,doctor does not agree but I told him again and again because I was thinking ok If help at least two of them .

At that time I decided that I will struggle for them for collection of blood for these deserving children’s to give them a chance of smile. I arranged many camps in universities for collection of blood. I also talk to the individuals in my area for the donation of blood.

So kindly if you want to help someone from heart please donate  

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