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Raising money for the Bethesda House is so important to me for a million reasons! We are the first shelter that is an official pet-friendly women’s shelter in Ontario (and one of the few in Canada). Women are welcome to bring their pets into our shelter as a part of their family. We know that keeping pets with domestic violence survivors helps in healing. Raising money for the shelter helps us keep our services running. Some of our services include:

  1. Individual and group counselling
  2. Safety planning for themselves and their children
  3. Child & Youth Worker support helping moms parent children who have experienced abuse, and counselling and other supports for those youth and children
  4. Help from a Transition & Housing Worker with all the things that need to be dealt with in order to move on, such as finances, finding a place to live, attending court, etc.

By donating to my fundraiser, you will be contributing to a better tomorrow for a survivor.

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