Love Your Neighbour Campaign - Virtual Bike Across Canada

Our story begins in 2016 when we hired Baha to come work for us. We committed at that time to love him, his wife Ola and their 3 children as our neighbours.


Their story began on the 25th of April 2011 when their city of Deraa became surrounded by the Syrian army. Their water, electricity, food and medication were cut off from them. On May 5th, 2011 their house was destroyed and their car run over by tanks. The Bakhash family spent 2 years moving around the city searching for a refuge they could not find.


Daily bombing and air strikes within the city lead them to a decision to make a difficult journey to Jordan where they became refugees on February 10th 2013. Conditions in the camp were not entirely better than their prior conditions. Although no daily threat from bombing, there was still not enough blankets, medication, food or clean water. Developing health concerns due to the poor condition the Bakhash family decided once again to escape.


Now living in a village called Natfeh, the Bakhash family is treated as criminals due to their refugee status. School and work are hard and friends for Ola's brothers (21 & 13) are impossible.


In 2016 Baha and Ola were granted a government sponsorship and were able to come to Canada and start living their life. Their children are growing and thriving and happy, but they have left the rest of Ola's family back in Jordan where they struggle daily.


On our mission to loving our neighbours, we have committed to sponsoring Ola's mother, father and 2 brothers who are stranded in Jordan waiting and hoping to restart the rest of their lives in Canada.


So, how can you help?

  1. Sponsor a team:
    • We are setting up teams that will bike the distance of Canada as a combined effort over the first 6 months of the year. That's 6000 kms, or 33km/day. Sponsor them once, or throughout the journey as they meet milestones.
  2. Cheer on a team:
    • Our daughter Madison and her friend Erin (both 12 years old) are committed to biking the distance but could use some encouragement. Share their progress with friends and family, or send them encouragement notes,
  3. Create your own team:
    • The more the merrier. Create your own team, the more members, the less effort, but also the more connections for raising the funds. It's a win/win/win situation. Reach out if you're interested.
  4. Follow us on facebook: @loveyourneighbourfundraiser
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17 janvier 2021 13:12 Carolyn Heyer Fellowship Bible Church 300,00 $
Go team 'call the cab'.
16 janvier 2021 10:37 Carolyn Jantzi Fellowship Bible Church 100,00 $
16 janvier 2021 10:37 Carolyn Jantzi Fellowship Bible Church 100,00 $
16 janvier 2021 08:57 Sharon Heyer Fellowship Bible Church 100,00 $
16 janvier 2021 07:31 Anonyme Fellowship Bible Church 150,00 $
13 janvier 2021 21:15 Joyce Chamas Fellowship Bible Church 30,00 $
13 janvier 2021 21:12 Amneh al-omari Fellowship Bible Church 300,00 $
Praying for you and the family to be united as soon as possible. God bless!
13 janvier 2021 18:40 Betty Bults Fellowship Bible Church 100,00 $
What a great cause, girls! So proud of you!
12 janvier 2021 19:46 Julian Howatt Fellowship Bible Church 100,00 $
12 janvier 2021 17:32 Carol Wall Fellowship Bible Church 50,00 $
12 janvier 2021 17:26 Ali Abu Zeid Fellowship Bible Church 100,00 $
12 janvier 2021 08:43 Anonyme Fellowship Bible Church 100,00 $
11 janvier 2021 15:41 Anita Hoekstra Fellowship Bible Church 50,00 $
11 janvier 2021 12:15 Elaine Stevens Fellowship Bible Church 100,00 $
11 janvier 2021 09:13 Anonyme Fellowship Bible Church 50,00 $
10 janvier 2021 22:26 Thabit Alomari Fellowship Bible Church 50,00 $
10 janvier 2021 08:20 Anonyme Fellowship Bible Church 20,00 $
9 janvier 2021 23:07 Anonyme Fellowship Bible Church 20,00 $
9 janvier 2021 21:46 Jennifer Brink Fellowship Bible Church 100,00 $
So much love, Jeff and Madi! We'll be praying for all you guys and this family! :)
9 janvier 2021 20:10 Anonyme Fellowship Bible Church 20,00 $
What an amazing thing to do, great job girls.
9 janvier 2021 19:17 Jack and Kelly Bolding Fellowship Bible Church 100,00 $
Way to go girls!
7 janvier 2021 21:49 shawna mueller shawna mueller Fellowship Bible Church 100,00 $
5 janvier 2021 10:14 Hilda Van Gyssel Fellowship Bible Church 100,00 $
We wish Madi and Erin great success with this virtual trip across Canada to raise money for Baha and Ola's family!! Keep on biking!
3 janvier 2021 20:12 Anonyme Fellowship Bible Church 20,00 $
Amazing idea!! Wishing you all the best for all those km’s to cover!!
2 janvier 2021 21:29 Anonyme Fellowship Bible Church 70,00 $