Lynne Taylor Remembered

Cancer is an awful disease that take too many people away too early. I’m doing the walk to challenge myself as l have never walked more than a day. If doing the personal challenge funds can be raised for good causes then that is all the better.Please help to raise funds for The Canadian Cancer Society in Lynn’s name.

Portuguese Camino in an ancient pilgrim route. I’m walking from the town of Oporto in Portugal finishing at the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. 240 km 150 miles.

Walking the Portuguese ‘Way of St James’ a ancient pilgrim route.

The flights are booked the journey is not as planned but the challenges await.

The original plan was to walk the Portuguese Camino from Porto to Santiago de Compostela in Spain last May but of course we all know a lot of plans for all of us had to change.

Now Portugal is ‘open’ l feel that l must go on the adventure to test myself doing something l have never done in any way. So the flights are booked flying from Birmingham 9th September returning on the 23rd September.

So 2 weeks to walk 80+ miles to Tui and then to the Spanish border choices then - go into Spain to get as fare as l can in the 2 weeks so less to do on my return to complete the walk to Santiago.Or return to Porto for a few ports and a look around but this is all depending on how l far on the walk.

Walking by myself and hopefully staying in Pilgrim Albergues (hostels run by volunteers), depending how far l have walked each day.

Day one - Arrive Porto find hostel and go to the Cathedral to get my Pilgrim Passport and get it stamped. Look around and relax for the walk ahead.

Day two - Start from the Cathedral - Porto to Vilarinho 27.6km 17.2 miles

Day three - Vilarinho to Barcelos - 29.6km 18.4 miles

Day four - Barcelos to Ponte de Lima - 34.7km 21.6 miles

Day five - Ponte de Lima to Rubiães - 18.6km 11.6 miles

Day six - Rubiães to Valença / Tui - 20.3km 12.6 miles

The furthest l have walked in a day so far 6 hours 13 miles so most days l’m walking more than l have ever done before so a real challenge to keep to the programme.

Spain depending how l have managed

Day seven - Tui to Porriño - 16km 10.4 miles

Day eight - Porriño to Redondela - 17.2km 10.7 miles

Day nine - Redondela to Pontevedra - 19.6km 12.2 miles

Day ten - Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis - 22.2km 13.8 miles

Day eleven - Caldas de Reis - 19.1km 11.9 miles

Day twelve - Santiago

Day thirteen - travel back to Porto

Day fourteen - fly home.

If l do the whole walk l will have covered 251.2km 156.1miles.

Originally, l had planned to do the walk in three weeks to give time to look and experience so let’s see how it goes as how ever far l manage l know l’m pushing myself and getting many new experiences.

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With Love & encouragement, XXOO Barb & Len
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Good Luck Uncle Martin, thank you for doing this on mom's behalf. This is from Dad, Matt and Myself.
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Well done dad so proud of you