Moses Hakizimfura medical education and family support

Imagine living in one of the most beautiful parts of Africa at the base of the Rurhengeri Mountains. Mists rolling over the mountain peaks, lush rainforest and the sounds of the Silverback mountain gorillas are all part of your childhood. But because you live in a poor rural community, your school is a simple concrete and wood building and your chance of going to a real university is virtually impossible due to the high admission fees, and cost of city living. Likewise there is only a local health clinic staffed for only a few weeks each month by nurses who have few resources.Serious illness and surgeries are only offered if you can pay, and payment is often demanded up front. A population of 100000 in Uganda may have only one or two doctors. Specialized hospitals are very rare and very costly and staff are often trained by foreign doctors with the intent that they will, in turn, teach the next generation of African doctors.

That is why it is so important to support local physician education. The support means that someone who has the desire but not the money can also become a doctor and serve his country. It means that there is stable funding for books, tuition, supplies and accommodation. That is why I’m fundraising.

I have been to africa and seen firsthand the lack of access to fully trained doctors and the devastating results of inadequate and inaccessible health care. 

Please consider donating to help Moses finish his training. He has only 7 months to go. You can make a onetime donation or consider giving monthly. A tax deductible receipt for income tax purposes is also issued. 

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