NHL Fans Love Seniors

COVID-19 has hit our seniors community so hard- and even before that, there were already so many in great need. Operation Friendship for Seniors steps up to help those most vulnerable in our communities and COVID-19 has only made that task more expensive. Our elders are not a disposable part of our community, they are our past and our hope for the future with their wisdom and knowledge. Let's prove to them that people in #yeg still care- I care, you care, we all care. #YEGForSeniors.

Donate your 50-50 money, your parking fund, your beer- or just a buck if that's what you can spare. If you can't, please share this fundraiser in the hopes that it will reach someone who has a little extra to share.

For more information about Operation Friendship for Seniors Society, please visit: https://www.ofss.org/

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