Nichole's Birthday Wish

As some of you are aware, it’s my birthday! As always, I am doing another fundraiser this year.

This year the donations raised will go to the Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation. This not-for-profit overflows to impact it’s 6 affiliated disability organizations. That’s right your donation will go to helping SEVEN organizations impacting people with disabilities who need assistance doing day-to-day activities like gardening, working remotely, sailing, hiking, taking care of pets or require custom assistive devices – all to improve quality of life!

My goal is to raise $500, please help me celebrate my birthday and consider donating – there is no donation to small!

Thank you for your love, support, and anticipated donations!

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La collecte de fonds se termine 30 juin 2021
Date de fin Nom du donateur Nom de l'organisme de bienfaisance Montant
14 juin 2021 17:18 Anonyme DISABILITY FOUNDATION 20,00 $
Happy Birthday Cousin!
13 juin 2021 21:56 Anonyme DISABILITY FOUNDATION 50,00 $
9 juin 2021 10:56 Crystal Leochko Johnston DISABILITY FOUNDATION 30,00 $
Happy birthday!!
7 juin 2021 15:11 Anonyme DISABILITY FOUNDATION 50,00 $
Awesome! Thanks for doing this.
5 juin 2021 15:34 Jim Stone DISABILITY FOUNDATION 50,00 $
Spend it wisely. Happy getting older day.
5 juin 2021 12:32 Terri Sleeva DISABILITY FOUNDATION 25,00 $
Happy birthday, Nichole! I'm sure you will do wonderfully at SSDF but I will miss you! Terri
5 juin 2021 06:30 Anonyme DISABILITY FOUNDATION 50,00 $
Happy Birthday Nichole, Thanks for making Timmins bearable. - Sam
4 juin 2021 20:44 Anonyme DISABILITY FOUNDATION 50,00 $
Because it's Nicole's Birthday. And she presented this so perfectly.