Paul's Birthday Fundraiser 2.0

Hello everyone, My name is Paul Williams and as you all may know June is pride month. My birthday is June 14th and as a member of the LGBT community born during a very important month for our community, it is a perfect opportunity to raise money for other members in this community. Last year because of my amazing friends I fundraised $220 for Out on the Shelf, a queer library and resource centre for youth in the Guelph area, the city in which I've spent the past four year living for schooling at the University. This year I wish to donate to the Rainbow Railroad, a Toronto based non-profit that helps queer folk escape violence and discrimination in their home countries. 

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14 juin 2021 21:34 Brandon Haughie Rainbow Railroad 20,00 $
Happy Birthday!!
9 juin 2021 17:20 Faye Perry Rainbow Railroad 10,00 $
5 juin 2021 11:35 Terra Duff-McCracken Rainbow Railroad 20,00 $
3 juin 2021 18:03 Eva Thorpe Rainbow Railroad 5,00 $