Please join me in the journey to save Michael

Since turning 39 and it being my last birthday in my 30s, I wanted to make this decade count. As I thought of the impact I wanted to make, I kept going back to Terry's story and his incredible journey to save his son. His beautiful 2 year old son Michael is affected by a neurodegenerative disease that will leave him paralyzed and severely developmentally delayed, Terry is doing everything is his power to create a treatment for his son. Due to Covid all of his sons (Michael) therapies have been put on hold, the physical therapy that he requires to keep his muscle going have been paused and so Terry decided that he was going to put a pool in to help Michael continue his physical therapy in a safe environment and hopefully keep him going until he could resume his therapies. Terry is fighting hard for his boy, a father that refused to take no as an answer and decided instead to change the course of his sons future and develop a non existent Gene Therapy to treat his son, although the price tag was large ($3MM) the idea of his son withering away before his eyes was too devastating to accept. His story is so inspirational. No child deserves such a fate and so i have decided to join his Journey to Cure Michael and help his raise the remaining funds he needs to see his dream come true and give Michael the life he deserves

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