Precious Angel Amelia

A brief part of our story.

Nicole is my daughter age 29 and Amelia is my granddaughter age 20 months

Nicole has been an addict for 15+ years. She has overdosed, not sure how many times, shared dirty needles, multiple incarserations, etc.all due to her addiction disease. 

When she called me to say she was pregnant, i had several questions, which she answered with one statement, "i got into the methadone program. I'm not using street drugs anymore." Amelia was born June 17, 2017. I was there, i cut her umbilical cord, it was a happiest day. Nicole and Amelia moved in with my husband and I. Nicole and Amelia both thrived here, Nicole continued to achieve many successes, and Amelia was growing into a sweet, compassionate, well behaved little princess. In November of 2018 i started noticing some behaviour changes in Nicole, in late January 2019, she abruptly moved out taking only bare minimum, on February 21, 2019,  Amelia had a fatal accident, when she went into her mommy's zippered pocket and found mommy's "candy bag" while mommy was "sleeping", At age 20 months Amelia passed away from carfentanil poisoning.

My life, as well as many others, will never be the same again, ever.

CARFENTANIL took my Angel Amelia

I know I don't need to tell anyone how much I love this sweet amazing Angel, Amelia you will forever be in Granny's heart and thoughts ❣️❣️im grateful for you always being with me, i miss our snuggles, you reading to me, watching the trolls, cookie monster, hearing your precious little voice, watching your face lite up when I walk in the room, rocking you at nap time, making Granny smile playing in the snow, teaching you to sing, dance, and HUGGGG💞, brushing your beautiful ginger hair and your curls in the back, omg❣️ i could go on forever and always will 💞💞💞rest in peace my incredible Angel Amelia Rayna ...💜 June 17, 2017- February 21, 2019 💜

Love you forever Grampa n Granny

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