Project Reunite: private sponsorship of Syrian refugee family

Four years ago, after fleeing war-torn Syria to Egypt only to find more persecution and hardship, Amer and his family could finally breathe a sigh of relief as they found asylum and safety in Canada. Since then they have worked hard to build a future for their three children in Canada, but are longing for their family still struggling back in the Middle East. One of Amer's brothers, Mufaq, and his family are in a state of limbo in Turkey, where they fled after enduring horrific hardships during full-blown war in their region of Syria. In Turkey, refugees are allowed to work but are treated as outcasts and pariahs. Not a good place to raise a family and thrive.  

We have formed a team around Amer and his family to support them in bringing his brother's family to Canada. We believe families are meant to be together and will be stronger with the support of their loved ones, especially as they try to heal and move forward after the trauma of war. The kids are close cousins, built-in friends that miss each other dearly. 

Amer and Mufaq are both artisans who work with the traditional Damascene mosaic woodworking technique. They learned from their father and are two of only about 150 such artisans in the world, half of which are a part of the Syrian diaspora. These two brothers want to be reunited so they can work together and keep their craft alive, sharing the beauty of their homeland's traditions with the world. 

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