PSF Virtual 5K

Summary of Fundraiser: What better way to impact our community than by getting exercise during Covid with your family? Be a part of a great cause by enjoying the outdoors and donating to our class’ celebrated charity. We are bringing people together virtually to raise awareness on community concerns and helping those most in need. While we are hoping to organize an in-person event in the spring or when restrictions allow, for the mean time we encourage those participating to take safety precautions, track their progress, post about it on social media using #PSFVirtual5K, and compete with others on our Strava leaderboard. We hope this will maintain engagement throughout the year.

Our Fundraising Story: The House of Friendship's initiative to aid disadvantaged groups in the community motivated our class to get involved and help during such a critical time. Community involvement is an important aspect of local Fire departments as well as our program. We feel that it is our responsibility and a priority for us to get involved and make a positive impact for those in need. Dealing with a pandemic as well as restrictions has only made our group more resilient and motivated us to come back strong academically, while still safely making long-lasting effects on the community. Our goals for the year include volunteering our time and raising funds and awareness towards crucial community initiatives.

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You can do it Katherine!
16 novembre 2020 16:43 Kirit Kambo HOUSE OF FRIENDSHIP 50,00 $