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Hi my name's Kayla and and I was a space researched quite baby the knows I was researched as Rooney that might figure how I would adapted to change on land compared to space mobile and was abused and to surender my food down by a hit on the face and I recalled the space ball and water damptation series in a round ball on water I maybe not open to tell my side yet I'm saying how being a victim wasn't fun and not having a parent and being sent to one calling real family hood and yes I hear victims of native society's and hard to accept cowboys and Indians so now I'm hear wanting to share my thoughts and yes I have then been raised in correctional center in Canada til released so I hear being tough is real.if you like to donate I make sure I'm a rate pick of the bunch and rate medical and uses tech speaking I survived and  wish to continue society as a native woman cries to submit her tales thanks.

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