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Ride for Brian

Lung cancer stole my dad from me. He had a light in his eyes that can’t be replicated. After the cancer took over (unknown to us) he started to loose that light. Little by little... 

I can’t think of anything worst then to watch someone so full of life start to loose their spirit. We need more money to go towards research, advocacy and treatment. We need to loose no more great men and women to this disease. I don’t take my breaths for granted and I hope you don’t either, as for some people all’s they do is struggle to breath. So please , take a deep breath in and if you can , contribute some money towards this memorial ride. In honour of the best man I’ve ever known. 

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Collecte de fonds terminée 21 juin 2021
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21 juin 2021 09:45 Mitch Lattimer Lung Cancer Canada 100,00 $
19 juin 2021 21:35 S L Lung Cancer Canada 100,00 $
Thanks for seeing me through some tough times and pushing me to do things I never thought were possible. PRINCESS XXOO
19 juin 2021 16:28 Michelle Hennessy Lung Cancer Canada 50,00 $
Love you guys! Your dad would be proud of everything you’ve accomplished this year alone. ??
19 juin 2021 16:22 Dave Glazier Lung Cancer Canada 100,00 $
An amazing man who never ceased to impress. Love you girls! I know they're all smiling down on a of us. Enjoy the ride.
19 juin 2021 15:34 Ashlee Challis Lung Cancer Canada 200,00 $
I Love you forever dad,- I hope you can breath easy now and find some comfort. Happy Fathers day ."I loved her first" -Daddys little girl <3
19 juin 2021 15:29 Ashlee challis Lung Cancer Canada 50,00 $
Love Donna
17 juin 2021 19:58 Samantha Rodriguez Lung Cancer Canada 100,00 $
Thinking of you Uncle Brian! Hope you’re having a cold one with my mom & Aunt Jacki! Xo
17 juin 2021 14:45 Anonyme Lung Cancer Canada 100,00 $
16 juin 2021 14:36 Tom Bird Lung Cancer Canada 100,00 $
Nice idea ladies
16 juin 2021 13:38 Jennifer Bird Lung Cancer Canada 100,00 $
Your dad was such an amazing man. My family misses him and his contagious laugh and enormous heart. Love the Bird/Wheals (aka "princess")
16 juin 2021 13:31 Quench Essentials Lung Cancer Canada 100,00 $
In memory of Brian, who is missed very much from all of us at Quench Essentials
11 juin 2021 07:26 Vic and Carol Nichols Lung Cancer Canada 100,00 $
You are remembered as a wonderful Dad and an amazing Pinta. I know you are smiling down on your precious family.
10 juin 2021 07:34 Drew Verkuil Lung Cancer Canada 25,00 $
Your dad would be so proud of you. I love you guys both, stay strong, Smile, have fun, and know your dads smiling back.
8 juin 2021 08:46 Caileigh Mckerracher Lung Cancer Canada 40,00 $
For Brian. You are missed every day. Thank you for being an amazing Dad to my Friends. They have become some amazing humans.
25 mai 2021 18:47 Jessica Stokes Lung Cancer Canada 250,00 $
Love you forever papa bear !!!
25 mai 2021 14:15 Jesika Rose Lung Cancer Canada 50,00 $
It may not be much, but i just want to show my support. You & your sisters are amazing people for doing this! Xo