River's Edge Haven of Hope

River’s Edge exists to support children and youth to grow spiritually, mentally and socially in a unique farm setting. As a Christian organization our core purpose is to share the hope, love and saving grace of Jesus Christ in a broken world. We share this hope by matching young people of any age and ability level with adult mentors to explore the beauty of creation in a fun-filled and safe place of adventure and challenge. We respect the dignity of every person and commit to doing our best to encourage growth through the mentoring relationship.

Children and youth care invited to come just as they are, regardless of religion or religious background. We believe that that relationships with children and youth are best developed in sharing activities and working side by side. Our program director tailors each one-to-one session per the child’s needs and interests with a suitable mentor. There are all kinds of different activity options such as horsemanship, farm activities, outdoor exploring, crafts, woodworking, and so much more. Each session includes a chore that communicates the value of serving others. This one-to-one mentorship gives opportunity to create a safe place for the child or youth to have meaningful conversations and for them to recognize they have value and worth not for what they do or what others think of them, but for who they are as a unique individual that God created. At the heart of these one-to-one sessions is a desire for each child and youth to experience the encouragement and love of Jesus Christ through their mentor, with the hope that each child will embrace the source of that love, the person Jesus.

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