Run 4 Water Virtual Charity Run

Four teens across Ontario, Canada met each other at Ontario Nature's Virtual Youth Summit for Mother Earth. While there, we all learned a lot about the Indigenous community both from elders and fellow youth. When tasked with the challenge to create an event, we decided to create a fundraising event. Eager to create positive change, we've created Run 4 Water, a virtual charity run to raise money for the Indigenous Water Crisis in Canada.

In Canada, one in five First Nation communities is under a boil water advisory. In Ontario alone, two in five First Nation communities are under a boil water advisory. This is unacceptable. Everybody deserves access to clean drinking water. 

That is why we chose to fundraise for Water First, a Canadian NGO that helps address water challenges in Indigenous communities in Canada through education, training and meaningful collaboration. To learn more about Water First and their work, visit their website at 

Thank You so much for your donation and support. 

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