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Running BMO Vancouver Marathon for Neekoo Philanthropic Society

I'm very fortunate to be running the BMO Vancouver Marathon this month and this year I'm combining two of my passions (Running + Giving Back) to raise funds and awareness for Neekoo Philanthropic Society

Neekoo Philanthropic Society 

Neekoo is a registered not-for-profit society founded by a group of professionals in 2012 living in Vancouver with the goal of raising funds to assist deserving post-secondary students of Iranian heritage in need of financial support to pursue their dreams. These students are required to be registered in an established BC educational institution as well as able to demonstrate that they need financial assistance.

I've been part of the Neekoo committee since 2013 and I'm very proud for being part of a team that has supported so many students in our community through the years. 

Neekoo 2021 Grant Application was launched earlier this month and we are currently in the process of receiving applications. Due to the continued devastating impact of COVID-19 on top of the sanctions, the students in our community desperately need our help.

The more funds we raise the more students we'll be able to help.

BMO Marathon 

I have been running the BMO Marathon (Half/Full) every year since 2009 when I did my first Half Marathon.

While the actual race is canceled for the second year due to the Pandemic, the runners are still given the opportunity to register and run on their own during the month of May. I started the month by running the BMO Half and I'm finishing it by running the Full Marathon. 

I hope you join me in raising funds to help the students in our community. Any amount is appreciated. 

Even a little can go a long way. 

Through this donation, you will receive a full tax receipt.

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9 juin 2021 16:23 Amit Khullar Neekoo Philanthropic Society 20,00 $
30 mai 2021 21:26 Naz Mashinchi Neekoo Philanthropic Society 75,00 $
Well done Sahar!
28 mai 2021 17:18 Jessie Vaid Notary Corporation Neekoo Philanthropic Society 100,00 $
Great cause and great work Sahar!
28 mai 2021 13:45 Mahnaz Sayyah Sina Neekoo Philanthropic Society 100,00 $
Thank you for supporting young students. I really appreciate your purpose.????
27 mai 2021 18:09 Shima Hashemi Neekoo Philanthropic Society 25,00 $
27 mai 2021 12:33 Nasim Jahangiri Neekoo Philanthropic Society 20,00 $
Afarin Sahar u r amazing ??
25 mai 2021 01:32 Sahar Hosseini Neekoo Philanthropic Society 200,00 $
This donation is from Shahrzad Khatami. Thank you
24 mai 2021 07:25 Azadeh Hosseini Neekoo Philanthropic Society 100,00 $
You are so kind and giving. Keeps up the good work!
23 mai 2021 17:35 Hoori Barkh Neekoo Philanthropic Society 20,00 $
23 mai 2021 17:22 Delaram Rastin Neekoo Philanthropic Society 10,00 $
23 mai 2021 16:54 Tandar Tanavoli Neekoo Philanthropic Society 300,00 $
Go Sahar Go!?? Tanavoli Family??
23 mai 2021 15:31 Naz Mashinchi Prec Neekoo Philanthropic Society 200,00 $
23 mai 2021 14:40 Noble Architecture Neekoo Philanthropic Society 100,00 $
Go Sahar Sahar ??
23 mai 2021 13:31 Sahar Hosseini Neekoo Philanthropic Society 250,00 $