Running for Stars

As an avid runner over the past decade, I have always ran to meet my own personal fitness goals. During a run in early November, I decided that it was time to run for something more important than my own goals. During this run, I was wearing my T-shirt from last years "First Responders Run". It reminded me of crossing the finish line and getting my medal from a Stars Air Ambulance paramedic. Stars seemed the like the perfect organization to run for.

I am currently training to run my first two full marathons in 2021 (Queen City Marathon and New York City Marathon). From November 1, 2020 until I cross the finish line in Central Park on November 7, 2021, I will donate one dollar to Stars Air Ambulance for every kilometer I run. My ask is that my friends and family match my donations, dollar for dollar. I am expecting to run close to 2,000 KM during training, meaning my fundraising goal is $4,000. 

My inspiration for choosing Stars Air Ambulance is because my friend, Jon Antal, has been a Stars Paramedic for much of his career. Knowing Jon, I've learned that first responders deal with situations that most of us could never imagine - and Stars crew members respond to some of the greatest challenges imaginable. Countless lives have been saved thanks to the ability of Stars to quickly get to isolated or difficult to reach locations, and get patients access to critical care quickly. 

I'll provide updates on the number of kilometers logged each month, and will do a call for donations every three months. The first month is in the books with 140.6 KM ran. I hope you will join me in this journey over the next year!

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La collecte de fonds se termine 15 novembre 2021
Date de fin Nom du donateur Nom de l'organisme de bienfaisance Montant
6 avril 2021 12:43 Tim Owens STARS 214,20 $
27 mars 2021 19:17 Alice Kowalyshen STARS 60,00 $
Great job!!
1 mars 2021 21:52 Tim Owens STARS 174,80 $
21 février 2021 15:13 Leigh Kowalyshen STARS 100,00 $
Nice challenge Tim!
30 janvier 2021 14:27 Tim Owens STARS 172,10 $
29 janvier 2021 19:53 Carli Munroe STARS 100,00 $
Great job Tim!
29 janvier 2021 19:33 Karie Walsh STARS 150,45 $
Awesome work for November and December! Keep it up!
30 décembre 2020 17:38 Tim Owens STARS 160,30 $
30 novembre 2020 22:51 Lee Peters STARS 50,00 $
My brother in law is a nurse for STARS. Amazing organization and they can always use the support. Great initiative Tim
30 novembre 2020 22:39 Tim Owens STARS 140,60 $
First month down - I've ran 140.6KM - so donating $140.60!