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Our 5-year-old son Avyay loves animals and he takes this love and conservation very seriously. He is quite passionate about animal conservation despite being so young. 

Few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon we finished watching David Attenborough’s " A life on our planet" on Netflix which has a section towards the end on how forests in Malaysia and Indonesia are being wiped out to make way for palm plantations and thereby endangering Orangutans. Avyay asked us how and where Palm oil is used. We read to him about the source and usage of palm oil and he asked if his favorite biscuit he ate every single day had palm oil in it. He made us check the ingredients and it did contain palm oil. The same day he told us that he would not consume palm oil going forward. It has been a month and he continues to keep his word. It is not easy for a 5-year-old to give up her/his favorite chocolate biscuit. When we went to the grocery store, he looked at all the biscuits and was very sad to see that most contained palm oil. He thought that if people stopped consuming food that had palm oil, it would save orangutans and also protect the rainforest. 

He wanted to raise awareness and asked me if I would be able to share his essay, artwork and his small audio message to my friends. He said that if all our friends stopped using palm oil, perhaps forests would not need to be cut down and there would be lots of orangutans in their wild habitat.

For his 6th birthday, he would like to generate awareness and donate to this cause. All donations would directly go to  Borneo Orangutan Society, Canada. BOS Canada is an independent, registered Canadian charity (# 86282 4786 RR0001) founded to support orangutan conservation and to raise awareness of the serious threats to orangutan survival.  

Thank you.

Prathibha ( On Behalf of Avyay)


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10 décembre 2020 15:00 Linda Naval BOS Canada 20,00 $
May the universe guide and protect Avyay. Blessings to you all and thank you.
10 décembre 2020 14:37 Shishir Venkatesh BOS Canada 50,00 $
Proud of the work you are doing to protect the earth Avyay! We all love the Orangutans. From Shishir and Family
9 décembre 2020 17:21 Rachana Bhomavat BOS Canada 50,00 $
Happy 6th birthday, Avyay!! I’m so proud of you for taking up this cause. Your video is so well articulated & delivered. Lotsoflove, Rachana
9 décembre 2020 04:16 Rohit Rao BOS Canada 25,00 $
Happy Birthday to Avyay. God bless! Such a noble cause. Love, Ro, Dee, Aaryan & Diya
8 décembre 2020 09:44 Russell Morash BOS Canada 50,00 $
Happy to support Avyay and his mission to help the orangutangs, animal conservation is so important in our world today!
6 décembre 2020 12:08 Erika Fernández BOS Canada 20,00 $
Your passion for conservation is inspiring! Keep going! :D
5 décembre 2020 02:51 Cora Zimmermann BOS Canada 20,00 $
Happy birthday Avyay
4 décembre 2020 23:19 Anonyme BOS Canada 20,00 $
4 décembre 2020 20:06 Donna Appleby BOS Canada 5,00 $
It’s your birthday so I think I can donate a little extra.
4 décembre 2020 19:45 Donna Appleby BOS Canada 5,00 $
Thank you Avyay. Keep up your fight to keep the rainforest and save the orangutans! Happy Birthday.!
4 décembre 2020 17:24 Jayasri Varyani BOS Canada 50,00 $
Happy Birthday Avyay and yes, we need more kids like you to take care of our planet! Keep going.
4 décembre 2020 15:57 Anonyme BOS Canada 50,00 $