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We Need To Come Together To Save Our Planet!

With everything happening in our world right now, oceans heating up, Australia, the Amazon, and California on fire, the world needs us to save our planet. We have “No Planet B”

This year The Invidiata Realty Team is committed to doing what we can to make a difference, and we would love for YOU to join us! When you list or buy a home with us, we will be giving a portion of our service fee to help heal our planet. Your Home Can Help Heal The Planet! 

If you don't have a home to sell or buy, you can still participate by donating here!!

Lets work together to make a difference!

We wanted to also share with you that our magazine - Invidiata Homes & Lifestyle - is now being printed on more eco-friendly recycled paper. As well, we have joined the Print Releaf Program. This program allows us to give back by planting 325 trees for each magazine issue we print (quarterly publication). While it is important for us to continue to provide relevant and engaging content to our valued community, it is equally important that we are giving back to replenish our planet at the same time.

We are taking our interest in the environment one step further by seeking partnerships with sustainable companies that provide luxury and everyday products. We will feature one of these products in each issue going forward. For this issue, we have proudly partnered with Wuxly. Learn more about their incredible Canadian made Vegan outerwear in our sustainable feature that you can find online at or email us at to receive a hard copy.

Thank you for joining us to make needed change in our world, this place we call home! 

For other ongoing efforts visit: INVGOGREEN.COM

Follow our journey IG: @InvidiataRealty #INVGoGreen

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