Seeking Emergency and General Grants of $50,000 in Response to the Crisis to support children and families in Africa

Seeking Emergency and General-Operating Grants of $50,000 in Response to the COVID19 Crisis to support children and families in Africa, is a crucial step in right direction by supporting  children,families and communities during this crucial time of need in Africa who hard hit of COVID19 pandemic. it has been a collective realization that we must be each others keeper to ensure that poor families have their basic needs met during COVID-19 period, especially assistance to those with severe illnesses, children, seniors, single mothers in Africa.

And with your financial help to Princen Sammy & Herty foundation, an international human  & social service charitable organization, will help our trip to deliver nutritious food and empowering families to make healthier choice in Africa.

Your gift will also  help us provide immediate financial support poor families so they can purchase essential food, medicines, and other supplies. Help keep  poor families in Africa safe and healthy so they can eventually return to their normal activities after COVID19 pandemic is over.

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