Great Canadian Giving Challenge for AVWS

Hey everyone, 

As most of you know, I've been heavily involved with Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary for some time. I'm currently on their Board of Directors as well as volunteer in some capacity. We are starting to run into our busiest season and every little bit helps.

This June, Canada Helps is running a Great Canadian Giving Challenge where Every $1 donated in June is a chance to WIN $20 000. The more dollars donated, the more entries Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary gets, and the higher our are chances of winning.In addition to this incentive, orphaned and injured wildlife are starting to flood into the facility and things are getting really busy. Our intake numbers are already higher than they were at this time last year and last year was a record year for animal intakes. Not to mention COVID and the logistical issues and stress it has caused everyone. Our team has pulled together amazingly well and I'm thankful for everything that they all continue to do for wildlife.

I'm asking friends and family to chip in what they can for the month of June to not only add additional entries into the draw, but to also contribute to keeping wildlife wild. In addition, anyone who donates over $10 through my fundraising page can request a beaver pin (images are the 2 options) I've made be mailed to them. If you'd like a pin, please contact me directly after your donation is made and I will make you one and mail it to you. The pins are made by me and are not associated with the sanctuary at all. This is my own project to increase the incentive to donate. 

Thank you in advance for your support! It makes a huge difference to the wild animals in our care.

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7 juin 2021 09:23 Sarah French ASPEN VALLEY WILDLIFE SANCTUARY (ROSSEAU) 20,00 $
Hi Steph, Go for it.
6 juin 2021 10:08 Jennifer Horvat ASPEN VALLEY WILDLIFE SANCTUARY (ROSSEAU) 10,00 $
Thank you for all the work you do for our cherished wildlife!