Steve's Birthday Wish!

Celebrate my birthday by supporting my anti-sex trafficking work with Fight4Freedom! Your donation will help more survivors of the sex industry find the necessary support systems that will aid in their journey to safety, healing, and moving forward.

Fight4Freedom's Story

In 2009, the knowledge of an underage girl domestically sex trafficked in Canada caused a team to form to help her in her unique situation. This team continued to meet and talk about sex trafficking issues in Canada, and in 2012 began to reach out to areas where sex trafficking was known to occur.

In the summer of 2012 the group grew significantly in number and committed to weekly prayer meetings surrounding the issue of sex trafficking as well as meeting every two weeks to plan ways to provide relief and support.

Currently, Fight4Freedom operates in different locations across Canada, with active teams going on outreach each month. We are able to make contact with over 600 individuals each month through our various outreaches and are seeing survivors regularly leave their traffickers.

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Your donation will help me fight sex trafficking by creating awareness through Events and Education.

Please note: donations made before the end of 2020 will be matched with a gift of double up to a matching cap.

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