Stray dogs rescue

Hi everyone my name is saeed ullah from Pakistan and i would like to rescue stray dogs in my hometown Shabqadar in this cold weather, its bcs there is alot of stray dogs in my village and small town and no one own these beautiful creation of GOD, bcs here is no dogs adoption culture, so i feel vary bad for these beautiful dogs, me and my younger brother send a few dogs for shelter to a govt shelter far away from my town but now the authorities denied more admission bcs less facilities, so now thay are hungry in cold long nights but i don't have any fund to made a shelter for them in my village and provide them food bcs i m daily wages worker and cannot them food. Thay are around 70 to 80 helpless dogs here. Everyday we lost some by hunger and cold, me and my family feels sorry for them, so i just try to collect donations from golden heart people like u to provide them shelter and food bcs thay are also have the right for food shelter and a healthy life, please help me for these beautiful creation of GoD, thay will be feel good and happy i believe. Sorry my English is not good enough but just feel the hungur and cold and than think about these helpless dogs and theres kids, your small contribution will change their lives, 

Best regards 

Saeed ullah

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