Strength in Crisis #WhileTheWorldWaits #WTWW

When this COVID-19 pandemic began, we were concerned. Camps were cancelled, gyms were closing - everything seemed to be falling apart, both for our careers and for your athletes. Now, we are still concerned. The only difference is we have adapted, and we are taking action to help. At first, we developed this program as a way to help keep you and your kids active, and adequately prepare for the upcoming season, even withoutpre-season camps. But now, we realize there is morewe can do with this than just keep people active through isolation. With this program, we can make a difference in the world when it needs it most. We want to take this healthy initiative to the next level, and help in the best way we can during this pandemic. That is why we have found a local charity called GlobalMedic, which we think fits best with how we want to help during this time, as they are on the FRONT LINES of this global pandemic. GlobalMedic is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by setting up tents for health officials, hospitals, and local agencies to use as testing sites. They are also helping food banks stay operational with tents, and by providing emergency food packages to help meet increasing demands and needs of at-risk populations. Additionally, they are distributing hygiene supplies, including bar soap, to local shelters and other agencies that service vulnerable populations. Lastly, they are providing emergency cash transfers to help those most affected by COVID-19. Please consider donating, whether it's $1 or $100, your donation can help increase the number of people GlobalMedic can reach. Regardless of how crazy things can get, ask yourself how you want to remember this moment, and the actions you took in the face of adversity. With your help, we can come together to support Canada’s most vulnerable populations and build Strength in Crisis #WhileTheWorldWaits #WTWW!

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