Supporting women to enter STEM fields

As a youth member of the board, I am raising funds for hEr VOLUTION, non-profit organization that provides educational programming to encourage and equip youth in underserved communities, particularly girls and young women, to explore and be inspired by science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) areas.

I have been studying engineering for three years and in that time had so much doubt cast on me. For example, it was only in this last year that I had my first female engineering professor, it made the world of difference to me and if I only had her sooner -or any woman professor for that matter – it would have thrown any doubts I had in myself out of the window. I understand the difference a woman role model can make. I am an ambassador so that I can be a role model for aspiring girls in STEM, even if it just helps them a little bit. I want to be there for them, to help them through it and realize they belong as much as anybody else who has passion in the fields that spark their interest. I do my best to help anyone with these doubts and fears, and as an ambassador for hEr VOLUTION, I am able to help these people.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hEr VOLUTION's programs have shifted to an online platform. This has brought on a new set of challenges including ensuring that program participants have stable internet access - a service that remains an unaffordable luxury in some of the communities we serve. I am hoping to raise funds to help support her VOLUTION's participants with internet costs and other services that make hEr VOLUTION's programs possible. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated!

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