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Survivorfest - Mike MacKenzie

I am raising funds for the Saffron Centre which uses funds to educate and counsel survivors of sexual violence. I will be running around a track for 24hrs starting on June 12, as an effort to show my solidarity with survivors. I have been running regularly for several years now but this will be the longest time that I have ever run continuously. So many people feel afraid or shame and are unable to speak out or seek help after abuse. The Saffron Centre seeks to help people to have the courage to get the mental healing they need and will provide legal assistance if necessary. They also educate young people on what to do if they experience sexual violence. Please choose to help in any small way you can. I am asking people to donate $24, just one dollar for every hour that I will be running but any donation amount is deeply appreciated. I will be providing updates on June 12th on Facebook and Instagram and checking in each hour so you can follow my journey.

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Collecte de fonds terminée 13 juin 2021
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13 juin 2021 15:23 Christine MacKenzie SAFFRON Centre 50,00 $
Always making me proud!
13 juin 2021 11:28 Diane Bonner SAFFRON Centre 50,00 $
So proud of you Mike! Always cheering you on from Ontario! Love Adam, Diane and Nate
11 juin 2021 22:28 Alexandra Bonner SAFFRON Centre 24,00 $
Way to go Mike, good luck!
11 juin 2021 18:40 Wayne Bonner SAFFRON Centre 100,00 $
Go get’em Mike. We’ll be cheering for you!
10 juin 2021 12:34 Stamos Alithinos SAFFRON Centre 30,00 $
7 juin 2021 11:06 Ian MacKenzie SAFFRON Centre 100,00 $
Good luck Mike. Keep the coffee going!!! Ian & Karen MacKenzie
7 juin 2021 10:12 Paula Fleming SAFFRON Centre 48,00 $
7 juin 2021 10:10 Maryna Maskaliova SAFFRON Centre 25,00 $
29 mai 2021 15:00 Richie Martin SAFFRON Centre 50,00 $
Rock this run the way you have the X1 Ultra
28 mai 2021 21:29 Anonyme SAFFRON Centre 25,00 $
Way to go son!! As always, I’m very proud of you!
28 mai 2021 21:21 Nancy Watt SAFFRON Centre 50,00 $
You go Mike! Proud of you
28 mai 2021 15:53 Andrew Higgins SAFFRON Centre 48,00 $
Great cause! Count me in. Wishing you all best!
28 mai 2021 15:18 Michael MacKenzie SAFFRON Centre 24,00 $