The Momentum Ride 2021

For the second year in a row, a group of bike riders primarily based out of Toronto will be participating in a multi-day ride supporting Tropicana Community Services.

This ride will consist of approximately 600kms of winding roads throughout various regions of Ontario cottage country.

Our three-day cycling journey will start in Toronto on August 12 and end in Collingwood Saturday the 15th, after spending one night in Peterborough and one night in Bracebridge.

Aside from the exciting challenge, the purpose of this ride is to raise money for Tropicana Community Services.

For more information on Tropicana Community Services, please visit 


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18 juin 2021 13:22 Marc Tremblay TROPICANA COMMUNITY SERVICES 10,00 $
For Jeff
16 juin 2021 16:20 Marc Tremblay TROPICANA COMMUNITY SERVICES 10,00 $
Good luck wit this year's ride