The With Purpose Group June Community Cause

June’s  community cause for Shop with Purpose & Brand with Purpose is EveryMind. All month long we will have different community events and fun things planned.

Virtual market - June 5 
In person market  - June 26 
Canada Day Lawn Sign Campaign - Launches June 1 
Mental Health Collection / Mug of the Month - 5$ from every item sold donated at the end of the month
10% of every sale from

and more....

Shop with Purpose was born in January 2019 when the first vendor call out went out! Every market and event gets partnered with a cause we raise money for! With every vendor fee 10% gets donated back to the community and can you believe in our first year we raised over 2000$, in 2020 we successfully raised over 7000$. 

This year we have also introduced Brand with Purpose and the Local Purpose Magazine to our fundraising efforts.

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