Run 115km in 7 days for Threshold Youth Housing

Why is this nonprofit/cause personally important to me?

A not-so-well kept secret about me - As a youth I dropped out of High School when I was 16 years-old. Around the same time I also, briefly, became a 'vulnerable' youth who, for a few short days did not have a home. After a few nights of sleep overs with friends I was taken in by my good friends amazing Mother who I stayed with for many months until I was able to find a landlord willing to rent to a 17 year old. Luckily, I had a network of support from my core group of friends and their families, but other youth who find themselves in a similar situation are often not as fortunate, which is when an organization such as Threshold Housing is needed.

Running 115km in 7 days, is only a 15km increase from last years fundraiser which benefitted the Mustard Seed. However, this year I am a part-time student with part-time employment, and I barely run these days. Last year I was unemployed, ran like a mad man and was not a student.

"At Threshold Housing Society, we offer more than a safe environment: we provide a community for at-risk youth in Greater Victoria to call home. A place filled with support, understanding, and sanctuary, without judgement, where you're accepted for who you are."

Reports indicate 150 youth in Victoria experience homelessness/housing insecurity on any given night in the Capital Region.

OUR VISION A community where all youth thrive.

OUR MISSION Threshold Housing Society works to prevent adult homelessness by providing safe housing, support services, and community to at-risk youth

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13 juin 2021 13:11 Barb Anderson THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 50,00 $
Keep going Trevor!!
12 juin 2021 08:36 Jason Kolt THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 115,00 $
Get it boiiiii
10 juin 2021 23:27 Anonyme THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 115,00 $
Hey Trevor, The least I could do is give $1 a kilometer. Keep up the pace ??????? Linda
10 juin 2021 20:33 Rhiannon Broadfoot THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 25,00 $
10 juin 2021 12:30 Anonyme THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 15,00 $
10 juin 2021 11:09 Andrew Hull THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 50,00 $
You’re awesome!
10 juin 2021 09:36 Jennifer Henry THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 50,00 $
So proud of you.
10 juin 2021 08:00 Cherilyn McFadyen THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 20,00 $
10 juin 2021 03:50 Nathan Pardy THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 35,00 $
Keep it up! - Exilmo
10 juin 2021 00:15 Amanda Henin THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 25,00 $
Keep up the good work ??
9 juin 2021 22:26 Jenn Krogfoss THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 30,00 $
Great organization! Thank you for doing this to support our at-risk youth community!
9 juin 2021 21:58 Anonyme THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 10,00 $
9 juin 2021 19:52 Vanisa Punwani THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 50,00 $
Good job Trevor!! You can do it!!
9 juin 2021 16:28 Aimee North THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 25,00 $
Great job Trevor! Happy to support :)
9 juin 2021 12:25 Teresa Dobson THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 50,00 $
Trevor you have such a kind heart!
9 juin 2021 10:38 Anonyme THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 50,00 $
8 juin 2021 23:39 Anonyme THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 35,00 $
So proud of you!
8 juin 2021 18:21 Ryan Premack THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 100,00 $
8 juin 2021 17:13 Michelle Mowat THRESHOLD HOUSING SOCIETY 50,00 $