My name is Fadugba Grace, a lady who is very passionate about the well being of other humans. I grew up with the strong passion of wanting to meet people at the point of their needs. I loved to take care of family, friends and acquaintances. Doing these things was something that came naturally for me. I will say its a gift God gave me. I knew that just had to be my calling.

I am a christian lady from Lagos Nigeria, who had the understanding and believe that God has freely given me good health, then i should be able to help people that don't have good health attain it.

One day i went to the hospital while growing up and realized that the individuals that had the privilege of helping people closely were the nurses. On that faithful day in their white uniforms and nursing cap, they attended to me, i was seriously not feeling well, i saw a doctor who prescribed medications for me, the doctor really didn't have time, but asked me how i was feelings and prescribed meds to me. I had to see the nurse for my injection and she spoke to me, calmed me down, told me everything was going to be okay and asked me to check back if i had any other complains. She was able to calm me down while she administered my meds to me. I loved that and thought deep down inside of me that being a nurse is going to award me the opportunity to help these individuals, physically, emotionally, spiritually and otherwise unto wellness.

Nursing is a calling for me. I have gained experience over the years through volunteering in my home country on how to deliver optimal care to individuals. Its been an awesome experience so far. I have the zeal to learn more and enhance my knowledge and understanding on both practical and theoretical framework on how to take care of more individuals unto wellness. I wish to add to the reduction in the morbidity and mortality of patients in my country because it greatly on the increase. the question in y head has always been why? what aren't we doing right as health care workers. Hence gaining a critical knowledge will help me and help humanity. After so much research, i came to the conclusion that Canada has a world class education system, they are one of the best. Hence i applied for my enhancement in a school in Canada named CONESTOGA College. I got the course i want to study, but the tuition is overwhelming for someone like me in a developing country.

I have gotten admission to study enhanced practice for internationally educated nurses for may, 2021 intake. I plead with you to Please help me help humanity. I pray God bless you as you do so.

 I know everywhere is hard right now for everyone and getting funds doesn't just come easy, but any little amount donated is going to go a long way for me. Thank you and God bless.

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