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Walk your Way

This fundraiser is to support the initiatives made by Bethesda House who is an agency that services to women, children and pets who are victims of domestic abuse. Bethesda house helps over 100 families financially and emotionally, but have limited resources and we want to do what we can to help and provide the opportunity for you to do so as well! Walk Your Way is Bethesda House's virtual charity opportunity to raise funds for women, children and pets. 

Straight off the Couch is the team name of a group of young people who have decided to raise money for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse by participating in this walk. We believe in young people doing what they can to help in our community and we want to be that example to others. 

What inspires us to be involved in raising funds for this charity is genuinely our desire to help. Our team has started with only four young women ( Liberty Brown, Kayla Punit, Michelle Yearwood and Tessa Dunand) and although we intend to include more, we appreciate the work that Bethesda House does for women specifically. We believe women empowerment is essential and we appreciate Bethesda Houses' efforts to do this. This cause is important to us because we acknowledge that not everyone is fortunate enough to live the life they deserve and it is important to to do what you can to make a difference. 

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18 juin 2021 13:29 Anonyme Bethesda House 100,00 $
12 juin 2021 15:19 Cristin O’Brien Bethesda House 25,00 $
7 juin 2021 11:08 Anonyme Bethesda House 30,00 $
great cause - keep up the good work!
29 mai 2021 11:25 Sue Felix Bethesda House 25,00 $
Happy to support this worthy cause.
28 mai 2021 14:53 Daniel Mabuggwe Bethesda House 30,00 $
All the best for the Bethesda Charity Walk.
28 mai 2021 13:23 Anonyme Bethesda House 100,00 $
27 mai 2021 22:41 Omar Mitchell Bethesda House 200,00 $
27 mai 2021 21:42 Dianne Singh Bethesda House 25,00 $
Great cause Kayla and friends
27 mai 2021 19:49 Katie Felix Bethesda House 50,00 $
Great work Kayla! You have always been a selfless and generous person, looking forward to a day when we can see each other again xoxoxo