Walk Your Way, A virtual walk

Join Robert Payton  with his dog ARCHI and Adriana Pitter with her dog PEANUT on this very important journey, to raise money & awareness to the issues of Domestic Violence and it's impact on pets.

Robert and Archi a beautiful Wiesel ; Adriana and Peanut a beautiful Terrier will be walking their way in their neighborhood in the hopes of raising jointly 1000.00 for Bethesda House .

Please support Robert Payton and Adriana to reach their goal of raising $1000.00 to help Bethesda House , the only Pet friendly shelter in Durham Region, providing a safe haven for victims and their pets.

In 2013, Bethesda House addressed the “Human / Animal Violence Link” head on, becoming the first officially pet-friendly women’s shelter in Ontario, and one of the few in Canada. Women are welcome to bring their pets into the shelter as a part of their family.

Abusers use pets as a tool to coerce and control their human victim(s). Pets are threatened, physically harmed, and are sometimes killed as a means of control.

Women living in violent relationships often will not leave the abusive situations if they have to leave their pet behind, often staying in dangerous situations far longer than it is safe to do so.

We believe that both women and their animals have the right to not be abused, and that the VAW (Violence Against Women) sector and the animal care sector are strengthened when working together toward this end.

Please SHARE this link with your friends and family, Your support is really needed. Thank you .

PEANUT & ARCHI walk team

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La collecte de fonds se termine 19 juin 2021
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12 juin 2021 10:26 Rhiannon Thomas Bethesda House 10,00 $
11 juin 2021 11:11 Lauryn Mclennan Bethesda House 25,00 $
Adri, you are the strongest woman I know! love you and so proud ??
10 juin 2021 17:33 Carolyn Tubman Bethesda House 25,00 $
9 juin 2021 18:56 Anonyme Bethesda House 20,00 $
8 juin 2021 08:41 Kerry Heney Bethesda House 75,00 $
Love that you're doing this! :)
7 juin 2021 21:41 Katie Karstulovich Bethesda House 20,00 $
7 juin 2021 12:06 Abigail Wallace Bethesda House 10,00 $
7 juin 2021 12:05 Jaysi Cuffy Bethesda House 5,00 $
6 juin 2021 17:39 Michele Johnson Bethesda House 25,00 $
6 juin 2021 14:13 Melissa De Genova Bethesda House 20,00 $
6 juin 2021 14:07 Charmaine Sieukumar Bethesda House 20,00 $
Go Peanut!
6 juin 2021 13:35 Adriana Pitter Bethesda House 25,00 $
4 juin 2021 11:47 Chantal Januch Bethesda House 20,00 $