Katy Hollander - Youth For Christ Winnipeg

Katy needs to raise %100 of her salary to work with Youth For Christ at Turning Point Counselling Centre. By supporting this ministry, you are giving Winnipeg teens and their families the opportunity to receive counselling at a low rate. Would you consider supporting this ministry? Youth For Christ is a registered charity and you will be issued a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.

For more information about Turning Point Counselling Centre, please visit www.turningpoint-yfc.com

For information on how to donate by mail or by person, please visit www.yfcwinnipeg.com

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Date de fin Nom du donateur Nom de l'organisme de bienfaisance Montant
4 octobre 2018 17:48 Anonyme Youth for Christ Winnipeg 100,00 $
Katy Hollander
1 juillet 2017 11:44 Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Patricia Verwymeren Youth for Christ Winnipeg 500,00 $
For Katy Hollander-staff support
23 juin 2017 16:26 Ms. Amanda C MacBeth Youth for Christ Winnipeg 200,00 $
For Katy Hollander
30 mars 2017 17:00 Mr. & Mrs. P. Verwymeren Youth for Christ Winnipeg 1 000,00 $
Thanks for your commitment Katy, to this special ministry.
27 décembre 2016 15:24 Anonyme Youth for Christ Winnipeg 50,00 $
Blessings to you in your ministry and work with Youth for Christ! May the Spirit of God fill you with wisdom, discernment and love!
22 août 2016 23:49 Anonyme Youth for Christ Winnipeg 75,00 $
I am steadfastly proud of the work you do and you inspire me every day! So grateful to have you in my life. Love you so much!