Youth To Sea MMR Fundraiser

This fundraiser is led by Youth to Sea Leadership students that are inspired to educate our communities about local issues and serve as an example for better change. Our goal is to also encourage the use of reusable items apart from disposable masks, which creates micro-plastic pollution that negatively impact habitats and our environment. 

Shaunee Katili (founder) is a student in Burnaby, BC that participates in the Youth to Sea program with OceanWise. Throughout her experiences with the program, she decided to start an Ocean Service Project on behalf of the Marine Mammal Rescue Center; which supports, houses, and rehabilitates hundreds of marine mammals each year. From a simple idea to a brand in the works over the past 6 months, she couldn't have been more proud to have her community and other Youth to Sea students support the cause she put so much faith in. 

Big Thanks To: Alivia Ward (Y2S), Natasha Sing (Y2S), Miria Lu (Y2S), Chloe Chan (Y2S), Ellen B (Artist), Jacob Beland (Y2S Coordinator), Michelle Beinkowski (Y2S Coordinator)

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