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Alli’s Journey is a charitable organization that focuses on raising funds for education, research and support for young adults 18-35 with cancer. Your contribution will be used to support two new Alli’s Journey initiatives. In partnership with Sunnybrook Odette Centre, we are distributing Comfort Bags, to provide young adult cancer patients with products to ease their journey and with information about community resources. Our second initiative is our brand new Alli’s Journey Community Rooms Program. Unique spaces for the young adult cancer patient within facilities that have cancer treatment and/or support programs will be created. These spaces will be designed and used for programming as well as offer additional opportunities for networking, socializing and education that are directed towards the specific needs of the young adult cancer patient. We are very excited about our first room which will be located at the Sunnybrook location of the Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation.


Courage, strength and heart - three traits that every young adult battling cancer exhibit. Alli Shapiro, founder of Alli’s Journey, exhibited just that: courage and strength in her seven year fight with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and heart to live with this disease using humour, humility and belief as her strongest weapons. Tragically, Alli succumbed to her disease at the age of 26 with the same courage, strength, heart and most of all dignity in July 2006.
Alli’s Journey focuses on the segment of the younger population that is struggling with cancer in various forms and degrees of substance.


23 Barclay Road

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Contact Name:Nikki Krysa

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