Make real change in your community or for a cause you’re passionate about! Your tax-deductible donation to a Cause or Local Fund will go towards critical work being done by registered charities. Plus, your donation is pooled with others to help achieve wide-reaching effects.

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COVID-19 Funds: Support charities responding to COVID-19.

Canadian charities need your help to respond to the overwhelming need. Choose how you want to help and donate to a CanadaHelps COVID-19 Fund to make a difference today.

Local Funds: Make your community a better place

A local fund is an aggregate fund that includes hundreds of small and medium-sized charities that are working in your local community – best suited for a donor that is looking for a simple way to make an impact across a broad sector of charities. Improve the lives of many, by funding essential social services, local art and culture, safer communities, cleaner parks, and much more!


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Cause Funds: Show your support for the issues that matter most to you!

Your donation will be distributed to a number of charities all working together to make change for the cause you care about.


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Local and cause funds are aggregate funds that include small and medium-sized charities doing work in a particular community or for a specific cause. These funds are designed so that individual donors can easily make an impact across many charities. While the average large charity gets the majority of its funding from the government, smaller charities rely more heavily on donations from individuals.

More information about the charities included in a particular fund is available on their donation page.

Why Donate to Cause and Local Funds on CanadaHelps?

The power of many
Join with others to support hundreds of charities making a difference!

Your donation will be put to work
You can rest assured that you donation will go to CRA-registered charities. You get a tax receipt, too, which can help reduce your taxes.

Broad impact and real results
Support a wide range of charities and initiatives that add up to real results, no matter what you’re passionate about!