Dénomination enregistrée: EMMANUEL UNITED CHURCH

Numéro d'entreprise: 118899368RR0001


Called to be an inclusive, compassionate Christ-centred community:

sharing; questioning; justice-seeking; and, welcoming all.

We are:

  •       Emmanuel United Church -- God With Us -- the body of Christ made visible,
    •   a welcoming, inclusive, compassionate, worshiping community, scattered and gathered,
    •         with a tradition of faithfulness,
    •             reaping the harvest from seeds of the past, yet questioning and seeking to evolve.
  •        A member congregation of the United Church of Canada,
    •   ecumenical and diverse in nature.

It is our mission

  •        * to worship God as revealed in Jesus the Christ;
    • celebrating, and witnessing to, God's presence and love.
  •        * to seek education, growth and spiritual development;
    • as individuals and as a community.
  •        * to be an instrument of God's grace through God's Holy Spirit
    • ministering to each other and the world around us;
    •       bringing hope and pastoral care;
    •             serving, nurturing, empowering and challenging, ourselves and others;
    •                   calling for justice in our community and in the world.
  •       * to be stewards
    • of God's gifts to us
    • and of creation.

We are called:

  •    * to journey in the loving, inspiring presence of God in faith, that we may grow,
  •      may change, may reach out, may revitalize and may dream;
  •    * to dare to see the world as God wants it and to work for that vision.


Please visit our web site at emmanuelunited.ca to see our Newsletter and other current information, or contact us at office@emmanuelunited.ca

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