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  • jeudi, 16 mars 2017 de 10:18 Matin à samedi, 01 avril 2017 10:18 Matin (HAE)
  • 355 Adelaide ST West , Toronto, ON M5V1S2

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test custom questions


Teepa Snow: Adapting to Change: It’s Not Just their Disease, It’s Ours Too 

May 1, 2017:

Dementia: Understanding Progression and How to Modify Support, Care and Environments to Provide the Best Care.

This session is designed to provide learners with a more in depth understanding of the progression of dementia and behaviours that affect caregiving throughout the disease.  This session will use the concept of gemstones to help caregivers appreciate the value and uniqueness of each stage in progression of the condition.  The session will emphasize the need to use observational skills, hands-on skills, self-awareness and environmental supports and modifications to optimize care for the person with dementia.                                     

May 2, 2017

Morning:  Changing Resistance to Care to Participation in Care

This session will help learners use effective strategies for helping people with dementia during personal care, reducing resistance to care and develop better observational skills to recognize and intervene effectively when behavioural changes occur.  It will emphasize the value of matching helping behaviours to the person's needs and retained abilities to promote a sense of control and self-direction.

Afternoon:  Sexuality and Intimacy – It’s Time to Talk about it!

This session will address concerns and issues related to sexuality, sexual roles, and changing abilities to attain intimacy from different perspectives.  A discussion of common concerns that arise in community and long term care settings when one or more individuals has some form of dementia will help in ethical and reasonable decision making. 



8:00 am to 8:55 am - Registration and continental breakfast, each day

9:00 am to 4:00 pm - Conference, each day

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$115 to attend one day, $190 for both days

Lunch and refreshments are included in the registration cost. 

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355 Adelaide ST West
Toronto, ON M5V1S2

16 mars 2017
jeudi, 16 mars 2017 10:18 Matin (HAE)


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