Sanctuary Restoration 2019

par Coldwater United Church

  • lundi, 11 février 2019 de 11:31 Matin à dimanche, 30 juin 2019 11:33 Matin (HAE)
  • 11 Harriet Street , Coldwater, ON L0K1E0

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In anticipation of our 100 year anniversary our church is initiating a fundraising campaign to raise $50,000 which will allow us to perform several much needed upgrades to our sanctuary.  These funds will be used to refurbish the original early 20th century ceilings, resurface the original hardwood flooring, and replace any existing carpeting.  In addition, we are planning to increase the size of our chancel which history has indicated is too small for the performance of our two ecumenical musical events that are performed every year.


Working around the weddings, funerals and events that are held in the church is going to be a challenge, but we anticipate this work to take place over a six week period and our hope is to perform the work during the summer months as this is a time that Sunday service can be performed at our sister church in Eady.  The expansion of the chancel area will be performed first, then pews will be removed and stored so that painters can bring in their hoists to perform the necessary tin ceiling restoration.  When they are completed, this next phase will see the hardwood refinishers sand and resurface all the hardwood floors.  Then pews can be reinstalled and new carpets can come in.  The expectation of the time period will likely be over six weeks.

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11 Harriet Street
Coldwater, ON L0K1E0

11 février 2019
lundi, 11 février 2019 11:31 Matin (HNE)


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Coldwater United Church over the past nearly 100 years has been a pillar of its local community in the Village of Coldwater. Not only has the church performed its regular Sunday service during its history, but it has and continues to house the local Food Bank, used as a meeting place for the local Lions Club, Coldwater Agricultural Society, as well as the local AA chapter. Our church also provides dinners for the Lions meetings twice a month in addition to holding four Outreach Social suppers every year. In community with other churches and the village, our church manages the local school breakfast club, as well as the annual Vacation Bible School that is held once a year. In 2018 , over 90 people took part in the event as participants, leaders and helpers. Fundraising for the United Church of Canada Mission and Service, our local Outreach that extends a hand to anyone in need, and raising funds to support the Breakfast Club is a huge mandate for our church.