Toads on the Road Betting Pool

par Fraser Valley Conservancy

  • jeudi, 07 juin 2018 de 12:00 Après-midi à mercredi, 04 juillet 2018 4:00 Après-midi (HAP)

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Every year at Ryder Lake, tiny little juvenile Western Toads (toadlets) migrate by the thousands from their breeding pond where they spend their lives as tadpoles, to their forest habitat where they spend their lives as adults. In the middle of this migration is a road!

We're trying to raise awareness about this toadlet migration so that more people will choose the optional detour route, allowing the tiny toads to cross the road safely.

To make it fun, we turned it into a betting pool. If you think you know what date the toadlets will start migrating across the road, you could win $100!

Visit for more information about how it works!


How to Place Your Bet:

 1. Check the betting calendar , and pick 1 or more of the dates between June 10th and August 10th that you think will be the day the toadlets start crossing the road!

2. In order to place a bet, you have to buy a toads on the road event ticket from the FVC.  Each toad ticket costs $2.00. You can buy as many tickets as you like. One toad ticket = one bet. 

3. There are no restrictions on the number of people who place their bet on a single date. In the case that there are multiple bidders on the winning date, a there will be a draw among those bidders for the winner of the prize.

4. You can choose to bet multiple times on one date to increase your chances of winning in the event of a date draw!

Don't forget to indicate which dates you're betting on when you're filling out this form!

5. Check our Facebook Page for regular updates on the progress of this year's migration. Wait and see if you win!

BC Gaming Licence Number: 106823

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