Vito Depinto's Ottawa Marathon Run for GBS Awareness May 27th

par GBS/CIDP Foundation of Canada

  • lundi, 16 avril 2018 de 10:16 Matin à lundi, 28 mai 2018 10:16 Matin (HAE)

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Vito Depinto is a recovering 2016 GBS patient. Finding his way back to physical activity, Vito is long distance running again. Vito has decided to run the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon for past, recovering, and new GBS patients. He is passionate about supporting patients and their families and appreciates your support of his efforts.

We are so proud of Vito. He's come a long way.  Here is a bit more information about Vito.

Thank you for your generosity!


Vito will run in the 

Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

Sunday, May 27, 2018

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16 avril 2018
lundi, 16 avril 2018 10:16 Matin (HAE)


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