Dawson's Lights


  • mardi, 13 décembre 2016 de 8:00 Matin à samedi, 24 décembre 2016 5:00 Après-midi (HNA)

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In 2010 NLWS supporter Dorothy Avery from Toronto suggested a Fundraiser for the rising number of bear cubs in our care. Her idea was to lite a bulb for each donation received and to light up a x-mas tree. This has become a cherished and much loved tradition to help wildlife in need. Each year we decorate a tree from the bottom up with the goal to light up all of it including the star by x-mas eve. 

This year NLWS is home to 41 black bears and one grizzly cub so far. As a thank you to all that donated to make this happen we have created a certificate for each black bear complete with a picture, brief write up and original paw print of each cub. Each day (until the 24th) we will draw one or more names from those that help us shine up our tree.

Furthermore we have a fun event on our FB page (Dec 17) complete with Caption Contests, Games and more which offer several opportunities to win terrific prizes donated by NLWS supporters from around the world.


each $ 20 ( or 3 for $50)donation will light one bulb on the tree

Each bulb will enter the donors name into the daily draws.

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13 décembre 2016
mardi, 13 décembre 2016 8:00 Matin (HNA)


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Northern Light Wildlife Society
17366 Telkwa High Rd
Smithers , BC

À propos de cet organisme

Northern Lights Wildlife Society cares for injured and orphaned wildlife since 1990 (26 years) We accept all mammals and triage birds to other shelters. NLWS specializes in rehabilitating orphaned bear cubs and moose calves and deer fawns. Over 370 bear cubs (including grizzlies and Kermode )have found refuge at NLWS after being orphaned. We care for wildlife until they reach the age when they would naturally leave their mother. At such time we release them back into the wild. Post-release monitoring shows that they integrate well into the natural habitat. NLWS is operated mainly by volunteers and funded solely by grants and donations.