Mission Possible Drive


  • lundi, 21 novembre 2016 de 8:51 Matin à vendredi, 30 juin 2017 8:51 Matin (HAA)
  • Orillia Christian School , Orillia, ON L3V 1G6

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This year our school theme is "Mission Possible:  Being God’s Agents of Change.”  Our God is God over all things.  That is the Biblical truth that must gently whisper and boldly resound in every part, every thread of our Christian school.  All things belong to God!  This world is His kingdom – He’s building it every minute of every day, and He invites us, His people, to join Him in His kingdom building.  

Throughout the year students will look at ten different ways that they can be Kingdom agents in God’s world.  Together we will be striving to be community builders, God worshippers, justice seekers, servant workers, beauty creators, creation enjoyers, order discoverers, earth keepers, idolatry discerners, and image reflectors.

We are asking for your support in helping our students be agents of change in their world.  We welcome your financial donation.

A few years ago the Board moved towards a tuition structure that is based on income in a sincere attempt to follow God’s instruction for us as believers to support one another.  We are working towards being able to offer additional support to families who sincerely desire Christian education but still cannot afford it.  Through your support we can work towards keeping tuition costs at an affordable level and offer assistance to families who need it.

Faithful financial and prayer support from the extended community is essential to building a strong and vibrant school.  With God’s blessing, Orillia Christian School will continue to be a sustainable school for Christian education for future generations.  Thank you for helping us with our “mission possible” this year.

 On behalf of the Board of Directors,

 Michael Postma

Board Chair

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Orillia Christian School
Orillia, ON L3V 1G6

21 novembre 2016
lundi, 21 novembre 2016 8:51 Matin (HNA)


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