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Information sur les billets

La vente de billets pour cet événement est maintenant terminée.


You can request a Mass in memory of, in honor or for special intentions.

Missionary priests overseas will celebrate Mass for your special intentions and you will support his work in their mission dioceses.

Please send your mass donation with the full details and a cheque payable to

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith – Mass stipends,

2219 Kennedy Road,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M1T 3G5

Or you can call toll free 1 (800) 897-8865 to make your mass offering via credit or debit card.

Please note that mass stipends are not tax deductible.


Pontifical Mission Societies exists to support the new emerging church to become self-sufficient.  40% of Dioceses across the world are poor; they are not able to support themselves or to have a priest in permanent post to cover their spiritual needs. Priests reach out to far away communities with very little resources or food to sustain them in long journeys and religious services.  Sometimes this is impossible due to lack of money for transportation.  Many of them live with scarce resources but they persevere with their vocation and love for God’s people. Your mass offerings make it possible for priests to strengthen their communities with the love of God through the sacraments.  These are sent to missionary countries and they are often the only source of income for these priests. Please support missionaries overseas, so that they may continue with their religious service in a dignified way. Request a mass offering that responds to your spiritual needs:

  • A mass for your special intention, $10 offering per mass
  • Novena Masses – 3 or 9 consecutive days, $10 offering per mass
  • Gregorian Mass – 30 consecutive days, $300 offering

Progrès réalisés dans l’atteinte de l’objectif visé

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mardi, 15 novembre 2016 1:39 Matin (HNA)


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Pontifical Mission Societies exists to support the new emerging church to become self-sufficient. 40% of Dioceses across the world are poor